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Glass Museum in Lviv is situated in the heart of the city on the Rynok sq., in front of the City Hall in a mediaval Palazzo Bandinelli. The first Glass Museum was established by famous Ukrainian artist prof. Andriy Bokotey in 1992 with the aim to expose the pieces created during the International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. This is the first and the only glass museum in Ukraine


There are only few museums in the world having the art glass of so famous artists as Erwin Eisch and Theodor Sellner (Germany), Marvin Lipofsky, Stephen Rolfe Powell and Michael Rogers (USA), Yan Zoritchak (France), Edward Leibovitz (Belgium), Jiri Suhajek (Czech Republic) and many others. But none of the museums despose the collection of glass created during artistic forums at the same place.


First hall is created with the aim to show the history of glassmaking in Ukraine. The unique exhibits from I-II c., glass from Kievan Rus period and production of Galician glass shops of XVI-XX c.


In the next hall we will show how the glass is melted, which matherials are devices are used and how to treat and decorate the glass.


The bigest exposition is dedicated to the International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. Here you can adore the unique art compositions made by artists from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia, France, Turkey, Japan, USA and Ukraine.


We invite you to feel the world of Glass Art and to visit the underground of mediaval Lviv.



Glass Museum in Lviv Glass Museum in Lviv Glass Museum in Lviv


Andriy Petrovskyi
Glass Museum in Lviv
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   Glass Museum in Lviv