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Contemporary Glass Art


Glass Museum in Lviv was founded in 1992 by Professor Andriy Bokotey with the aim to exhibit the results of International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. In this place, museum began to work in 2006, and the exhibition, which is now being presented in April 19, 2013. It’s the first and currently the only glass museum in Ukraine and here is the uniqueness of this place.

Here at the contemporary part we exhibit artpieces made by the participants of latest International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. Visitors of the Museum can admire the unique art works made by glass artists from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, USA, Russia, Finland, Turkey, Portugal and Ukraine.

Every three years the International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv (Ukraine) take place, beginning with 1989. Over 200 artists from 29 countries, critics, gallery managers and founds of glass art took part in it. Every participated artist had the opportunity to work near the glass furnace accompanied by the team of skilled glass blowers. As the result of the work, the final exhibition took place at the end of the action and every artist left the artistic piece as a gift for the city. Gathered collection includes more than 300 unique artistic composition.

Numerous lectures, presentations, exhibitions and other cultural events are in the framework of every Symposium. All actions are open for the publicity. Inhabitants and guests of the city have the opportunity to watch closely the work of famous glass artists near the furnace. The students glass symposium is held every time as an accompanied action as well.

According to the tradition, organizational committee of the Symposium pass the gathered collection to the National Museum in Lviv named after Andrej Sheptytskyi with the aim to create the permanent Museum of Glass. During last two decades this collection had been exposed in 1992 in Lviv during the opening of Glass Museum in the basement of St. Berdards monastery, 1999 in Lviv Palace of Arts, 2001 in the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, 2004 in the lapidarium of the Warsaw Museum of History and in 2006 in recently opened Glass Museum at the main square of Old City.

There are only few museums in the world having the collection of so prominent modern artists as Erwin Eisch, Marvin Lipofsky, Yan Zoritchak, Theodor Sellner, Josh Simpson, Jiri Suhajek, Michael Rogers, Stephen Rolfe Powell, Edward Leibovitz etc.

The next 11th International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv will take place in October, 2019 on the basis of Lviv National Academy of Arts and Glass Museum in Lviv. We kindly invite all artists and admirers of glass art to take part in it. It will be a next great opportunity to meet old friends, to communicate, to teach and to create.


Franz Czerniak, Ukraine, 1989

Mikko Merrikallio, Finland, 1989

Theodor Sellner, Germany, 1992

Nicolas Morin, France, 1992

Josh Simpson, USA, 1992

Roman Petruk, Ukraine, 1998

Yan Zoritchak, Slovakia, 1998

Remigijus Kriukas, Lithuania, 2001

Marvin Lipofsky, USA, 2001

Robin Caas, USA, 2004

Kazimierz Pawlak, Poland, 2004

Inguna Audere, Latvia, 2007

Michael Rogers, USA, 2007

Fidail Ibragimov, Russia, 2010

Gulfidan Ozmen, Turkey, 2010

Jean Pier Chevalier, France, 2010

Jiri Suhajek, Czech Republic, 2013

Edward Leibovitz, Belgium, 2013

Takeshi Ito, Japan, 2016

Mark Eckstrand, USA, 2016