Glass studio

Workshops in different techniques are organized in our Glass Studio for all admirers of glass art. Here you can watch closely the work of our artists and take a part in workshops, creating your own stained glass, fused or lampworked art piece.

  • Stained glass

    This old technique of glass making is well known for most of us. Here in our studio you can find out about different ways of stained glass creation and try to do your own stained glass window or figure.

  • Fusing

    Lately this technique became rather popular among professional glass artists and fonds of this matherial. Thanks to rather cheep equipment and tools we can easily create art pieaces in our studio.

  • Lampworking

    Perhaps lampworking animalistic figures are most desireble glass objects for our smalest visitors. Here in the Studio you can see how do we create it and than choose one in our shop.

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