Our Permanent Glass Exhibitions

Permanently we have opened two exhibitions: one is dedicated to the history of glassmaking, another to the contemporary glass art.

  • History of GLass

    Here you can watch closely glassware more than 2000 years old

    Glassware and ornaments were made in Egypt and Mesopotamia about 3000-2500 BC and consequently mankind produce glass more than five thousand years. Glass was transported from Egypt to the territory of Rome as well as Greece and Byzantium. After to the northern coast of the Black Sea about III-IV cc, and then on the Kievan Rus.

    First glass shops were build on the territory of Ukraine during the Kievan Rus period. Ukraine has about 90 settlements called Huta or similar names derived from the word "Huta". Many relevant titles still exist: Hutysche, Hutysko - ancient place of glass production. Ukrainian glassworks produced "sklyanytsi" (so called once all the glass products), not only for Ukrainian market, but also exported to Poland, Lithuania, Germany and other countries.

  • Contemporary GLass Art

    See the unique artpieces by world famous glass artists

    Glass Museum in Lviv was founded in 1992 by Professor Andriy Bokotey with the aim to exhibit the results of International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. In this place, museum began to work in 2006, and the exhibition, which is now being presented in April 19, 2013. It’s the first and currently the only glass museum in Ukraine and here is the uniqueness of this place.

    Here at the contemporary part we exhibit artpieces made by the participants of latest International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. Visitors of the Museum can admire the unique art works made by glass artists from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, USA, Russia, Finland, Turkey, Portugal and Ukraine.

Find out about our Glass Studio ...

Art museums should not be boring with untouchable exhibits. With this aim we created the glass studio where you can find out basic technical information about glass and watch closely our glass masters during their work. Here we have few techniques of glass art presented: stained glass, fusing and lampworking. You can also create your own unique art piece taking part in our masterclasses.

Our Temporary Glass Exhibitions

  • Poetry of Glass

    Remigijus Kriukas, Indre Stulgaite
  • Transparent Truth

    Lucyna Gozdek, Poland
  • Andriy Bokotey

    Andriy Bokotey, Ukraine
  • Project 47

    Andriy Petrovskyi, Ukraine
  • Zvir's Glass

    Oles' Zvit, Ukraine
  • Andriy Bokotey Award

    for young glass artists

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